A Day Shadowing Local Government Officials

A Day Shadowing Local Government Officials

 By Jordyn S. –

Justine, Divya, and I spent Monday morning shadowing employees in Fairfax City, such as firefighters, policemen and women, personnel  employees, human resources staff members, engineers, and parks and recreation instructors. Ms. Melanie Crowder, the City Clerk, was very patient and informative as she answered the many questions we had.

Here’re a couple of things we did: At the police station, we got to see a lot of their vehicles they use for things, such as their canines, school  shootings, and detectives’ cars. Ms. Christina, the engineer, showed us the new stream they are planning to build throughout the city, but also told us about the problems they may have. The stream will run behind some of the citizens’ houses, so they must make sure that those citizens are okay with a stream running behind them, the construction, and changes in their backyards, e.g. trees being cut down and/or water damage.  Parks  and Recreation staff told us about some of their upcoming events, such as their city-wide egg hunt and $5 summer events and camps for seniors.

I realized when we were going through the day that every person we talked to was a woman, except the fire chief, but even at the fire station, the station had bunks for women showing that women are respected in this workforce and that more women are joining. The engineer was also a woman, though she told us that some men don’t respect her until they see her work.  This inspired me because it shows women can do anything they put their minds to. Thank you so much, Ms. Danielle, for taking your time to find a place for me to learn about other careers and thanks, Ms. Melanie, for your time!


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