My Spring Break Fun at Digital Art Camp

My Spring Break Fun at Digital Art Camp
By Chihiro –
How was your spring break?  Did you learn any art?  Well, I did at the STEAM Spring Camp hosted by Girls Inspired and Ready to Lead, Inc. in partnership with the George Mason Game and Technology Academy and sponsored by STEM for Her.  It was fun, and I learned things on the computer I have never done before.
On the first three days of camp, I learned how to shade a regular circle into a ball or sphere by using value.  In art class at school, value and shading aren’t really my thing.  It was harder than I thought.  On the third day, I got the hang of it.   The students at the camp drew a cherry with a grid.  We had a real picture of a cherry, and we were looking back and forth between the cherry picture and us drawing the picture to see where it aligned.  After we got the base down, we started to color it in and shaded it, making it a sphere like shape.
The fourth day, I would have to say was the hardest.  We did animations.  The teachers had all these instructions which I didn’t understand at first.   I had my friend there to help me out. When I finished the animation, I was like “that’s really cool.”  I imagined how all the cartoonists draw pictures and create animations.
Last dayEmoji.  The last day was sad (I did not want to leave), but we learned one last thing: Pixel Drawing.  I would have to say it was the best of all we learned.  We had the paper in front of us, had the grid lines and colored in the boxes.   Then it turned into a picture.  When I took the grid off, it looked really cool.
This spring break was awesome, even though I’m not a computer geek.  I learned a lot about digital art.  The teachers were awesome; all the girls were really nice.  I was thrilled to see my friend during this spring camp  from last year’s summer FOCUS camp (different summer camp, you should go to that, too).  So next spring break, if you want to try something new, go to this STEAM camp!

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