What Our Girls Have To Say


Being involved with GIRL helped me with my networking, creativity, and speaking skills. With my involvement with GIRL, my confidence continued to rise, and I was able to put myself in new environments and introduce myself to my peers and professionals with confidence.

GIRL Participant
GIRL Participant 2

The whole community created by the GIRL program makes me feel that I’m substantially prepared to pursue STEM-related professions in the future with the skills I’ve gained and resources available to me. I truly believe that these are all experiences that I may not have had in my everyday life without being part of an organization such as GIRL.

GIRL Participant
GIRL Participant 1

GIRL helped me learn about different careers paths and college majors. Also, I learned how important it is to search for internships and scholarships.

Daliza W.
Daliza W

I’ve said this after all the GIRL, Inc. events I’ve attended, and I’ll say it again because it’s true. Now I can see the road to my future much clearer. The path that once was rough, unchartered, twisted and winding is now a paved, red brick street with lanterns glowing along the side. Such clear vision has resulted from attending the countless events hosted by GIRL, Inc.

I really feel this program can change our lives, more than we think. It has introduced what I don’t think any program’s ever done before. There are lots of programs for boys, and some for both boys and girls, but I haven’t known of many programs out there that are specifically devoted to helping girls and raising the next generation of female leaders.

So props to all the wonderful people over at Girls Inspired & Ready to Lead, Inc.! We’ve had the chance to see great role models at GIRL, Inc. events, but we have also found greater role models in Ms. Danielle Blunt, founder of GIRL, Inc., and the Board of Directors. They are a reminder to us that even after we become successful, we must remember to give back to our community.

Sarah E
Sarah E

At the GIRL Conference I attended, I learned numerous, diverse stories on how amazing women overcame obstacles in order to find their passion. It was so incredible to learn their stories and journeys. I had an amazing experience; the combination of meeting other ambitious girls my age as well as hearing success stories helped motivate me to continue to do my best.

I left the meeting excited and inspired. From the meeting, I met with Johnetta Saygbe, whose career goals seemed most aligned with mine. I am forever grateful that I had the courage to speak with her because she inspires me so much. She is an incredible role model who oozes positivity. She motivates me when I am down, and her success excites me. Through Johnetta, I have met several people at the NIH who have taught me the importance of networking and advocating for myself.

Tirzah S
Tirzah S

I found out about the Aspiring Scientists Summer Internship Program (ASSIP) at a Girls Inspired and Ready to Lead (GIRL) conference in Fairfax while I was a high school student. I never thought I'd have the opportunity to work in a lab at such a young age. The idea of doing so was both exciting and scary.

I remember I was literally jumping for joy when I found out I was selected into the program. The internship gave me an opportunity to work at a neuroscience lab at George Mason University. My mentors and colleagues were very welcoming but also introduced me to new challenges while working at the lab. I learned a lot about the research field and met many smart, interesting people during that experience.

The internship sparked my interest in a future career in a science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) field. I am a current student at George Mason University pursuing a degree in electrical engineering.

I am grateful to GIRL because it provided information about the ASSIP Program, and encouraged me to challenge my intellect and feel empowered to succeed in the future. I have high hopes that this program will do the same for other determined young women in the future.

Thank you, GIRL!

Carolina B
Carolina B

GIRL has helped me stay grounded in my roots as a young woman of color from Fairfax, VA. The work of GIRL reminds me that even when opportunities are all around us, it's still up to me as an individual to seek them out.

Nicole O.
Nicole Osborne

GIRL helped to me to connect with other girls who looked like me and were my age. It also taught me the importance of being a lady and to be respected as such.

Kia C.
Kia Courtney

GIRL helped me with a lot of my preparing for college. I was able to participate in lots of hands-on activities that showed me different careers I could think about. I was able to talk to women from different schools who have become very successful. And GIRL most importantly provided me with a support system of people who wanted to see me achieve and help me reach my goals.

Arica J.
Arica Jackson