Mission: To mentor and empower teen girls for future success through promoting career exploration, confidence building, and leadership development.
Vision: To create a supportive and encouraging environment for girls, especially girls of color, to be inspired and prepared to succeed in fields where women are underrepresented and achieve their dreams.


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GIRL has helped me stay grounded in my roots as a young woman of color from Fairfax, VA. The work of GIRL reminds me that even when opportunities are all around us, it's still up to me as an individual to seek them out.

Nicole O.Syracuse University, 2014 Policy Studies Graduate
Nicole Osborne

Being involved with GIRL helped me with my networking, creativity, and speaking skills. With my involvement with GIRL, my confidence continued to rise, and I was able to put myself in new environments and introduce myself to my peers and professionals with confidence.

GIRL Participant
GIRL Participant 2

GIRL helped to me to connect with other girls who looked like me and were my age. It also taught me the importance of being a lady and to be respected as such.

Kia C.Studying Computer Science at Prairie View A&M University
Kia Courtney

GIRL helped me learn about different careers paths and college majors. Also, I learned how important it is to search for internships and scholarships.

Daliza W.Graduate Student Studying Fashion Marketing at LIM College
Daliza W

The whole community created by the GIRL program makes me feel that I’m substantially prepared to pursue STEM-related professions in the future with the skills I’ve gained and resources available to me. I truly believe that these are all experiences that I may not have had in my everyday life without being part of an organization such as GIRL.

GIRL Participant
GIRL Participant 1

GIRL helped me with a lot of my preparing for college. I was able to participate in lots of hands-on activities that showed me different careers I could think about. I was able to talk to women from different schools who have become very successful. And GIRL most importantly provided me with a support system of people who wanted to see me achieve and help me reach my goals.

Arica J.Studying Elementary Education at Hampton University
Arica Jackson